White van man ‘watches EastEnders’ as he drives along busy dual carriageway in London

A WHITE van man was spotted ‘watching EastEnders’ while driving along a busy dual carriageway. 

The reckless motorist was caught on camera by a stunned passenger in a passing car in London.

Twitter / @LeighMilnerTV

A reckless white van man was caught ‘watching EastEnders’ while driving[/caption]

Leigh Milner, who shared the video on Twitter, noticed the man had his phone mounted on his windscreen.

She believes he was watching an episode of EastEnders.

Leigh tweeted: “Just seen a guy casually watching EastEnders while driving through London.”


Leigh Milner shared the video on Twitter[/caption]

In the video, the man can be seen at the wheel of a white Ford Transit while a video plays on his phone.

He is wearing hi-vis and there are several hard hats on the dashboard.

Leigh can be heard saying: “He’s watching EastEnders while driving.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe it.”

Twitter / @LeighMilnerTV

The man was spotted by a stunned passenger in a passing car in London[/caption]

Twitter / @LeighMilnerTV

She believes he was watching an episode of EastEnders while at the wheel[/caption]

Twitter users were outraged at the driver’s “dangerous” behaviour.

One said: “Wow. Wtf is wrong with people?”

Another tweeted: “This guy just doesn’t have any common sense!”

And one man commented: “Am sure the Met Police and MPS Roads & Transport Policing Command would be interested in this footage.”

It is understood the incident has been reported to police.


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