Who Chimerica star Alessandro Nivola, is he married and what else has he been in?

Alessandro Nivola breakout star in Channel 4’s gritty new drama Chimerica, co-starring the likes of Cherry Jones and Terry Chen.

Having played blockbuster roles in movies alongside Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle to now be helming a TV show, what else is there to know about this Hollywood star and his skyrocketing career? Find out below.

alessandro nivola channel 4 chimerica
Alessandro Nivola is an American actor currently starring in Channel 4’s Chimerica series
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Who is Alessandro Nivola?

Nivola is an American actor, presumably most known for his roles in movies such as A Most Violent Year, Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and a relatively short cameo in 2014’s Selma.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 28, 1972.

While his mother Virginia held a booming career as an artist, his father, Pietro Nivola, was a professor of political science.

The actor has one brother named Adrian, and had the privilege of attending Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University during his years of studying.

Alessandro Nivola chimerica channel 4
Alessandro is the lead star in the four-art mini series on Channel 4
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His biggest blockbuster role to date has been playing Anthony Amado in 2013’s American Hustle, which included a number of A-list names including Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

His portrayal of the character earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award which ultimately opened the doors for him to helm roles where he’s notably playing the lead character.

Is Alessandro married?

Yes, Alessandro is married.

He tied the knot with longtime partner and British actress Emily Mortimer in Buckinghamshire in January 2003.

alessandro nivola wife chimerica
Alessandro Nivola is seen with his wife and British actress Emily Mortimer.
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Together, they share a 15-year-old named Sam and an 8-year-old daughter called May who permanently reside in Brooklyn, New York City.

In 2018, Alessandro shared that his children are definitely mature for their age, stressing how they’ve reached the age where cheeky comments are heard every so often.

“Sam got his sh*t together to the point of where it’s annoying,” he reveals.

“In fact, just about an hour ago, I got a text from my wife … where she wrote (he pulls out his phone and reads the text), ‘Last night at dinner, Sam told me he’s reached the age of understanding that he’s more intelligent than both his parents (laughs). My daughter is just like this wild creature. She sings songs all the time. She has a babysitter who’s in a cool band. My daughter has written all these songs at 8 years old.”

alessandro nivola chimeria roles
Nivola has played a handful of roles both in movies and on television.
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What else has he starred in?

Aside from the aforementioned projects that Alessandro has appeared in, other film titles include A Most Violent Year, Jurassic Park II, Laurel Canyon and Carolina.

In 2007, Alessandro had starred in another TV series called The Company. Here, he played a character named Leo Kritzky for a whopping six episodes.

The TV programme also included Chris O’Donnell and Michael Keaton.

More recently, he has worked on films such as Disobedience and The Art of Self-Defense before settling down to focus his attention on Channel 4’s Chimerica, which premiered on the network on April 17, 2019.

His upcoming line of work includes The Red Sea Diving Resort with Chris Evans before joining Vera Famiga and John Magaro for the crime-drama film The Many Saints of Newart.

The movie is expected to see a release date by 2020.#


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