Who is Cathy Newman, what’s the Channel 4 News presenter said about sexual harassment and which school did she go to?

THE 44-year-old journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News has revealed she was sexually harassed by teenage boys while at a private school.

She spoke of her shocking experience as part of a Back2School campaign.

Cathy Newman has spoken out about the sexual harassment she suffered at school

Who is Cathy Newman?

Newman is a hugely experienced journalist having worked on Media Week, The Independent, the Financial Times and The Washington Post before joining Channel 4 News as a correspondent in 2006.

In 2011 she was made a presenter of the news and current affairs programme.

She is the daughter of two chemistry teachers, David Newman and Julia Worsdall and has one sister.

Newman initially wanted to follow a career in the legal profession or as a violinist but changed her plans when she saw BBC journalist Kate Adie on television.

Newman has had a distinguished career as a journalist and currently presents Channel 4 News
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She read English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and graduated with first-class honours.

What’s the Channel 4 News presenter said about sexual harassment?

She revealed to the Sunday Times that when she was 16 at Charterhouse School one pupil has unzipped the flies on his trousers and forced her to touch his penis when they were in the lunch hall at the school in Surrey.

Newman said: “It was completely unexpected. I just shrieked in a fairly comical way, laughed at myself to get over the humiliation of it, but afterwards I felt really embarrassed.”

Newman also said if girls at the school wore a white t-shirt, boys would spray them with a fire hose so they could see their underwear.

She added: “There were various more serious things that happened which I really wish I had reported and I don’t know why I didn’t but I think at the time when you’re at school you just try and laugh it off.”

Charterhouse School said it had not been aware of the allegations but had now reported them to police.

The school said in a statement: “If disclosures such as these regarding a current pupil were made to us today we would report them immediately to the statutory authorities and act to safeguard any pupils affected whilst statutory enquiries took place.

“Having now been made aware of these particular allegations, we have reported them to the police and will assist them fully in any investigation.

“While the events are said to have happened some time ago, they are deeply shocking. Such behaviour has no place in any school.”

What school did she go to?

Charterhouse was founded in 1611 by Thomas Sutton and is an independent day and boarding school in Godalming, Surrey.

Fees for the 2017-18 school year were £36,774, making it one of the most expensive in the country.

Famous people who attended the school include the poet Robert Graves, the founder of the Scout movement Robert Baden-Powell and the singer Peter Gabriel.


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