Who is Charles McMillian?

CHARLES McMillian, a witness in the George Floyd death could not contain his tears when watching footage of his interaction with police officers.

McMillian claimed he felt “helpless” as he watched Floyd get arrested outside the convenience store by Minneapolis police.

Charles McMillian was a witness in the death of George Floyd

Who is Charles McMillian?

Charles McMillian, 61, was a bystander in Minneapolis who watched George Floyd’s fatal shooting in broad daylight.

He claimed he was being “nosy” when he first stopped his car on May 25 outside of the store where Floyd was being arrested. 

As he was watching Floyd’s arrest, McMillan urged him to get into the cop car and not resist arrest. 

In his testimony to the court, he said: “I’m trying to get him to understand that when you make a mistake once they get you in car.


McMillian broke down during the Floyd trial when recounting his experience watching Floyd get arrested[/caption]

“You’re going to go with them and I was trying to get him to go.”

Surveillance video showed that McMillan was on the scene as officers started to move Floyd across the street from his own car, and tried to get him into the squad car. 

He was heard shouting at Floyd “you can’t win!” as he was getting arrested.

McMillan said he told Floyd this “because I have had interactions with officers myself and I understand once you get in the car, you can’t win, you’re done. It’s just the way I’ve looked at it.”

What did the body cam footage show?

New body cam footage from the officers was shown to McMillian and the rest of the court as he testified. 

In one of the videos, an officer is seen checking for Floyd’s pulse.

The officer claimed to not being able to find one as Derek Chauvin was kneeling on Floyd.

The same officer had asked if Floyd should be moved on his side moments before but was told no.

Earlier, the bodycam showed the officers approaching Floyd in his car and speaking to the man and the woman sitting in the passenger and the back seat.


New body cam footage from the officers was shown to McMillian and the rest of the court as he testified[/caption]

Floyd was approached and he begged for officers not to shoot him as a gun was drawn.

He thanked the officers as they brought him across the street while they discussed if he could have been on the drug PCP as his “eyes are shaking back and forth in his head.”

Floyd insisted he had not taken any drugs.

The cops eventually brought Floyd down to the ground and held him secure as he continued to shout that he couldn’t get into the patrol car.

“Mama I love you, tell my kid I love her, mama I love you,” Floyd says after repeatedly stating he was in pain and could not breathe.

McMillan added that he understood Floyd’s pleas as he had also lost his mother on June 25. 

What was Derek Chauvin charged with?

Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death.

J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao – the two other officers involved in the incident – are facing the same aiding and abetting charges as Lane.

Members of Floyd’s family, Reverend Al Sharpton and Crump took a knee outside a Minneapolis courthouse for eight minutes and 46 seconds before entering the building for the beginning of Chauvin’s trial.

The jury selection for Chauvin’s trial began March 9 and lasted two weeks.

There are 15 jurors seated, with two as alternates and one as an extra alternate.

The trial is expected to be carried out over four weeks with the city of Minneapolis installing protections around the courthouse to discourage any violent protests.


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