Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle rival ? The rumor of the week !


Since his arrival in the family Windsor, Meghan Markle has been constantly compared to Kate Middleton, the wife of prince William. But a rivalry does it exist really ? It tells you everything !

Girls, Girls, girls ! If we told you yesterday what are the rules that Meghan Markle and prince Harry will have to comply with when they become parents, it would appear that the maternity of the young woman is not the only thing that fascinates the tabloids. In fact, for the last several weeks, we continues to read stories here and there of rivalry between the wives of princes William and Harry. Aware of the popularity of the a and modernity given to the other, the tabloids anglo-saxons did not cease to oppose the two young women. However, if we are to believe the statements of former photographer of the royal family Mark Stewart to People, there is nothing more false !

In reference to their exit at Wimbledon last weekend, Mark Stewart explains : “Meghan has left Kate to manage this output”. Because it was their first official outing with the girls, it is not surprising that Meghan is left to be guided by Kate at this time. Modest and unobtrusive, Meghan was perfectly aware that she has nothing to gain by trying to shadow the wife of prince William. And Mark Stewart added : “there is no rivalry between them, this output shows how much Meghan has integrated. She realizes that Kate will be queen one day and that his position would be different”. Although it is not known when William visits the throne, force is to recognize that this is an event which makes us salivate already ! In the rest of the news of the royal family, this is why I love prince William, the elder son of Lady Diana married Kate Middleton !

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