Who is Mariella Frostrup? The Big Painting Challenge presenter on BBC One, art critic and journalist

MARIELLA Frostrup is currently fronting The Truth About The Menopause documentary on BBC One.

But who is she and what publications has she written for and what other programmes has she presented? Here’s all you need to know.

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Mariella Frostrup is presenting The Big Painting Challenge on BBC One[/caption]

Who is Mariella Frostrup?

Mariella Frostrup is a UK-based journalist and TV presenter born in Oslo, Norway. She later moved to Ireland in 1969.

After first moving to London she worked as a PR exec for Phonogram Records in the Eighties and later began presenting Channel 4 music show Big World Cafe.

In 2010 she created the Gender Rights and Equality Action Trust, which aims to nurture gender equality.

She was previously married to punk singer Richard Jobson from 1979 to 1984. Mariella later married human rights lawyer Jason McCue and has two children with him.

Which publications has Mariella written for?

Mariella had previously written for a number of titles including The Guardian, The Observer, New Statesman and The Mail on Sunday.

She is also an art critic and has judged on the panels for the Man Booker Prize, the Evening Standard British Film Awards and the Orange Prize for Fiction.

Mariella also received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from Nottingham Trent University in recognition of her outstanding contribution and commitment to journalism and broadcasting.

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Mariella has previously written for a number of titles[/caption]


What has she said about the menopause?

Mariella is fronting a BBC documentary called The Truth About The Menopause at.

The programme will follow several women as they try alternatives to HRT, such as behavioural therapy. Mariella suffered with sleeplessness and anxiety, before a doctor handed her a prescription.

She told the Mail Online “I felt conflicting emotions; shame at ignorance of my own biology that had led to two years of suffering, and euphoria that my misery might come to an end.”

During her research she found the lack of information shocking and is interested in exploring why the subject is still such a taboo in 2018.

She wants to ensure women”don’t see the menopause as being a full stop, that we stop sweeping any discussion of it under the carpet.”




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