Who is Marina Joyce and when did the YouTuber from London go missing?

YOUTUBER Marina Joyce had been reported missing after she was last seen on July 31, leaving her home in North London.

She was found after nine days but what have police said about her disappearance? Here’s what we know.


Brit YouTube star Marina Joyce was least seen at home in Haringey, North London, on July 31[/caption]

Who is Marina Joyce?

Marina Joyce is a 22-year-old YouTuber from Haringey, North London.

She joined the site in 2010 and has amassed more than 2.1million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Marina creates How To videos or they have a Q&A format, or she offers makeup tutorials or advertises clothes.

On social media she describes herself as a Sacred Moon Snowflake Cat Princess of Love.

Her most recent video was published on June 21 and was titled How I Care For My Hair.

A caption on the video said she would upload her next video the following Thursday, June 28 – but never did.

Marina’s last Facebook and Instagram post was about her merchandise and was on June 24.

An appeal has been launched to help track down missing vlogger Marina
Fashion vlogger Marina Joyce was found 'safe and well' despite kidnapping fears
Fashion vlogger Marina Joyce was found ‘safe and well’ despite kidnapping fears

When did Marina Joyce go missing?

Marina Joyce was reported missing on July 31 after she was last seen leaving her home.

The Missing People charity put out an appeal for the YouTuber.

In a direct appeal to Marina, Missing People wrote: “Marina we are here for you whenever you are ready; we can listen, talk you through what help you need, pass a message for you and help you to be safe.

“Call. Text. Anytime. Free. Confidential. 116000.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed on August 9 that officers were searching for her.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Marina Joyce, 22, was reported missing to police on Wednesday, 7 August.

“It was reported she was last seen on 31 July.

“Enquiries are underway to try and locate her.

“Anyone with information is asked to call police in the North Area Command Unit on 101 and quote ref: 19MIS031063”.


Marina, 22, has 2.1million subscribers on YouTube – where she posts lifestyle and beauty tips[/caption]

Found safe and well

Haringey Police have now said she has been found “safe and well”.

The force tweeted: “We had appealed for help to locate Marina Joyce, 22, reported #missing from #Haringey – she has been located & is safe and well. Thanks for your RTs.”


The 22-year-old YouTube star sparked panic in 2016 when she appeared to ask for help in one of her videos[/caption]

What happened to Marina Joyce in 2016?

Marina Joyce sparked panic in 2016 after a worrying video titled Date Outfit Ideas sparked concern after fans thought her behaviour was out of the ordinary.

They also noticed bruising on her arms and many believed she whispered “save me” to her viewers.

Many believed she was kidnapped.

The hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce began trending on Twitter in the UK and US – sparking a police probe.

The video amassed 36million views.

But Enfield Police later tweeted that she was “safe and well”.

She sparked further concern just weeks later when she asked her followers to refer to her as “Goddess Marina”.

The YouTuber also said she wanted to create a temple where she would be known as “God of the Shrine”.

And she claimed she had “found a couple of secrets about the After Life” and could contact the dead.

Other YouTubers all over the world dedicated vlogs to the concern over Marina’s wellbeing and some fans released their own vlogs under titles such as “Marina Joyce needs help”, “Save Marina Joyce” and “What’s happening to Marina Joyce?”

Suspicions were further heightened when she posted a message on Twitter inviting followers to meet her at 6.30am for an early morning party – some people believed her so-called kidnappers were using her to lure fans and it would be dangerous to attend.

She held a live stream intending to put fans at ease, but it only stoked up the fire as many viewers found supposed ‘clues’ of her abduction in the video.

Her reassurance wasn’t enough to deter the conspiracy theorists, who kept #SaveMariaJoyce trending for several more hours.


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