Who is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Dilara Sanlik, when did they start going out, and who else has the Red Bull F1 driver dated?

MAX VERSTAPPEN will enter his fifth season of Formula 1 racing this season, with his eyes firmly set on claiming a first world championship title.

But the 21-year-old may only veer off course if he catches a glimpse of brunette beauty and girlfriend Dilara Sanlik.

The couple have shared Christmas together after Dilara Sanlik met the Verstappens

Who is Dilara Sanlik?

Very little is known about her, as she keeps much of her personal and social life away from the paparazzi that follow superstar boyfriend Verstappen.

She is reportedly a German student, hailing from Munich, but currently studying in London.

To further keep herself out of the spotlight, her Instagram has been made private.

Dilara Sanlik is reportedly studying in London – but still finds time to visit her boyfriend at the track

When did they start dating?

The couple have kept their relationship rather secret – but word got out that they kicked things off towards the end of 2017.

Verstappen was so smitten with Sanlik that he quickly invited her to dinner with his family, including racing legend Jos and sister Victoria – who is also involved in motorsport.

The happy couple were spotted leaving the London Cabaret Club in February
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Who else has Max Verstappen dated?

Young Verstappen has been previously linked with a host of women.

Many were only short-term relationships including with Instagram models Joyce Godefridi and and Roos Van Der Aa.

Dutch hockey player Maxime Pourquie was reportedly whisked off her feet by her fellow countryman.

Meanwhile Max was dating drivers Sabre Cook and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky during his early racing career.

Instagram model Joyce Godefridi is among a number of women that Max Verstappen has reportedly been romantically involved with
American racer Sabre Cook is believed to have been a girlfriend of Max Verstappen’s during his early career


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