Who is Munya Chawawa and what’s his net worth?

MUNYA Chawawa has seen his star soar over the last few years.

The comedian is now showing off his culinary skills on Celebrity MasterChef 2021.


Munya Chawawa is a comedian and rising star[/caption]

Who is Munya Chawawa?

Munya Chawawa was born on December 29, 1993, making him 27-years-old

He is known for his development and portrayal of characters such as a posh drill rapper called Unknown P and the chef Jonny Oliver.

Munya has said that he “created Unknown P as a nod towards the appropriation and false ownership of black culture that often happens in western societies”.

His popularity grew during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, with the main focus being his 2019 Fire in the booth freestyle, for the parody news sketches he created.


Munya is starring on Celebrity MasterChef 2021[/caption]

What is Munya’s net worth?

Munya’s estimated net worth is currently unknown.

However, he’s sure to be doing very well for himself thanks to his numerous brand deals including those with Netflix and GiffGaff.

He is also signed to Atlantic Records.

When is Munya appearing on Celebrity MasterChef?

Celebrity MasterChef will kick off TONIGHT (August 9, 2021) at 9pm.

The series will play out over the course of six weeks and will air on BBC One.

Commissioning editor for the BBC Sarah Clay said: “Celebrity MasterChef is one the highlights of the British summertime schedule and this series is as entertaining and charming as ever.”


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