Who is sending Carla messages in Coronation Street and is she in danger?

FACTORY boss Carla Connor was left shaken when she received a message from dead nurse Rana Habeeb who died when Underworld collapsed.

With Rana dead and buried, who could be sending the sick messages? Let’s find out…

Carla Connor is left shaken when she receives a message from dead nurse Rana Habeeb

Who is sending Carla Connor messages in Coronation Street?

Carla, along with Peter Barlow and Michelle Connor, was unnerved when she got a message saying: ‘You destroy everything you touch.’

She was even more creeped out because the sender appeared to be Rana Habeeb, who tragically died when the factory collapsed in March 2019.

Peter was convinced that Carla’s sister Kate Connor is behind the sick messages.

Kate has been lashing out at Carla as she blames her for the accident which killed Rana, on the day they were due to marry.

He stormed over to Kate in the pub and accused her – in front of her dad Johnny – of sending the sick message to Carla.

A furious Kate said that she hated Carla but she would never do something as twisted as pretend to be a dead woman to get back at her.

The message was sent from a Facebook-style social media app so anyone who knew Rana’s password would be able to log in and send a message.

Other suspects are Rana’s brother, Imran Habeeb, who also is gunning for Carla after the accident and Robert Preston who blames her for splitting him and Michelle up.

Most of the factory workers hate Carla too so it could be any one of them.

Is Carla in danger in Coronation Street?

It depends on who’s sending the messages really.

Kate might be furious and would probably give Carla a slap if she got the chance, but it’s unlikely that she’d do anything more sinister.

The same goes for Imran, who would much rather see Carla suffer in prison, than take the law into his own hands, no matter how angry he is.

Robert Preston is another kettle of fish though. He’s already put a brick through Carla’s car window AND shoved her over on the Street. He’s shown he’s unhinged and drinking too much, so anything could be possible if Robert is the culprit.


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