Who is Yanet Garcia? World’s sexiest weather girl dumped by her gamer boyfriend Faze Censor

THE world’s sexiest weather girl Yanet Garcia regularly gets viewers hot under the collar by displaying her warm front on Mexican television.

Here’s all you need to know about the TV presenter, who has won an army of fans on Instagram after posting selfies in barely-there bikinis and underwear.

The Televisa Monterrey presenter found fame after men shared images of her on social media, comparing her curves to the reality star Kim Kardashian
The Televisa Monterrey presenter found fame after men shared images of her on social media, comparing her curves to the reality star Kim Kardashian
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Who is Yanet Garcia?

Yanet Garcia, 26, used to work as a model before landing a job on telly, which she described as “a platform to make my dreams cone true”.

She presents the weather on Mexican TV station Televisa Monterry and has become loved by viewers for her figure-hugging outfits.

Yanet shot to wider fame after TMZ and Playboy described her as a “girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast”.

She now has a huge social media following around the world and previously dated professional Call of Duty player and YouTuber Doug Censor Martin, aka FaZe Censor.

Why do fans love Yanet Garcia?

The sexy forecaster is not afraid to show off her figure in a series of tight-fitting dresses and low-cut tops showing off her 34D chest.

Yanet now has 5million followers on Instagram thanks to the raunchy snaps she posts of herself wearing incredibly skimpy outfits.

Recently the internet went into meltdown after she posted a sensual selfie of her wearing a tanga thong in her bathroom.

And she thrilled fans with a video of herself frolicking in lacy undies.

Other snaps show her in a bikini and she also posts pics of herself working on her famous figure in the gym.

And recently, she posted a set of eye-catching pictures show her sunning herself while on holiday with her lucky boyfriend.

She sent her massive 4.9million army of Instagram followers went wild with her revealing bikini snaps.

Yanet Garcia has been wowing fans with her holiday snaps, which she has been posting online
@iamyanetgarcia : Instagram

What happened between Yanet and Faze?

The 23-year-old YouTuber revealed he had split up with Garcia, 26, so he could spend more time playing Call of Duty.

He said:  “I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

He went on to say that he needed to focus on playing Call of Duty, and would be playing the next iteration in the franchise, Black Ops IV, full-time while she was “doing that job over there”.

For her part, Garcia just responded to the very public dumping with a tweet saying ‘heartbroken’ before thanking fans for support and then sharing a new picture showing off her famous rear.

She has 6.5 million followers on Instagram to his 1.3 million – but he takes the prize on YouTube with 2.6million subscribers to her 480,000.

What else do we know about Yanet Garcia?

Yanet has also been accused of having bum implants, but she denies she has had surgery
@iamyanetgarcia : Instagram

Last year she was forced to deny rumours that she had had bum implants, insisting that her fantastic figure was a result of eight years of hard work.

She also posted pictures of herself in the gym, showing off the exercises she says keep her body in tip top shape.

To prove that she had worked hard to get her figure she posted a snap taken eight years ago where she is barely recognisable as the amazingly upholstered presenter she is today.

She told her two million social media followers: “Eight years ago I decided to enter a gym because I was very thin and I wanted to find the best version of myself.”

She added: “It has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

“To see this photo of me before and after motivates me to carry on working hard every day.

“Effort, dedication and constancy have been some of the ingredients to obtain these results.”

She has also starred in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, promoting the cult film on her Instagram page.


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