Who is Yusaku Maezawa, how did he make his billions and what’s his SpaceX moon mission?

JAPANESE art billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has been named by Elon Musk as the mystery passenger who will travel around the moon on the SpaceX mission.

But who is the entrepreneur? Here’s what we know about the Elon’s rocket man.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will become the first ‘private passenger’ in space

Who is Yusaku Maezawa?

The Japanese billionaire is an art collector and entrepreneur with a fashion brand empire.

Yusaku, 43, briefly moved to California with a girlfriend aged 18, where he fell in love with American art, music, fashion and culture.

He later moved back to his native Chiba Prefecture where he was a passionate skateboarder and a drummer in band, Switch Style.

The band was signed by a major label, BMG Japan, in 1998 – but his musical exploits fell away when his businesses took off.

Yusaku is unveiled as the SpaceX moon mission passenger – saying he wants it to launch world peace

How did he make his billions?

In 1995, Yusaku started his first business selling imported CDs and music records.

Three year’s later he launched the company company Start Today.

In 2004, his company opened clothing website Zozotown, and within six years it became a publicly traded company listed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Yusaku launched clothing range ZoZo this year in 72 countries around the world.

As of May 2017 he is estimated by Forbes to be worth of £2.7 billion, making him the 14th richest person in Japan.

He is also a keen art dealer, and in May 2017 made a world record purchase of an untitled work by Jean-Michel Basquiat for £84million.

What’s his SpaceX Mission?

On September 18, Elon Musk revealed Yusaku as the mystery ‘private passenger’ who had paid to be the first to travel around the moon in his SpaceX spacecraft.

The mission is set for 2023.

Yusaku refused to reveal how much he had paid to be on the flight, but Musk told a conference in California he had made a “significant contribution.”

Yusaku said he wanted to use the mission to inspire world peace.

He told the conference: “This is my lifelong dream.”

The business man vowed to take six to eight living artists with him on his lunar quest, asking painters, directors and designers to get in touch.

SpaceX first announced its Moon mission back in February 2017, but details were light at the time.

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