Who was TikTok star Rochelle Hager?

TIKTOK rising star Rochelle Hager passed away on March 29 while driving home in Farmington, Maine.

She had amassed over 1.2million likes and had over 123,000 followers on TikTok.

Rochelle Hager was a TikTok star who passed away on March 29 in a freak accident while driving home

Who was TikTok star Rochelle Hager?

Rochelle Hager, 31, was an executive chef at The Woodlands in Waterville.

She had previously worked as a chef at Amici’s Cucina as well.

Hager was 10 years sober from addiction.


Hager was an executive chef who had moved to Maine in August of last year[/caption]

The internet sensation had grown up in Florida but her parents currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She moved to Maine in August of last year.

What happened to Rochelle Hager?

A tree branch struck Hager’s vehicle, blowing into her roof as high winds gusted over 50 MPH.

In a press release, Farmington Police Chief Kenneth Charles said that the high winds toppled the limb of a large pine tree.

She was killed instantly, according to authorities.

Farmington Police Department

Hager died instantly as a tree branch struck her vehicle[/caption]

Police Chief Charles called the accident “tragic and unique.”

“There was nothing she could do to avoid it,” the officer told Press Herald in a statement.

No other individuals were hurt in the incident which prompted road closures for nearly two hours.

What did fans say about Rochelle Hager’s death?

Upon the news of Hager’s death, fans took to social media to express their sorrow over the loss.

One fan wrote: “I can’t believe Rochelle Hager is dead”

Another added: “unbelievable… rip”

Rochelle’s partner and fellow TikTok star, Brittanie Lynn, posted an emotional tribute after her death was confirmed.

“I can’t eat or sleep. All I can do is make videos and wish you were here with me #rip #myangel,” she wrote.


Hager and her girlfriend would post videos on TikTok together[/caption]

In an emotional video posted on her TikTok the morning of March 30, Brittanie sobbed as she recalled hearing the crash.

She said: “Thank you all so much for keeping her memory alive and reaching out. I appreciate all of you and love our TikTok fam. That being said, a lot of you have asked what happened….

“I did go and get her stuff out of the car today so now that that’s happened… she was driving. 

“And we were having a wind storm. And a tree fell on her car. She wasn’t in pain. She died instantly.”

As her voice began to tremble, she continued: “I heard the crash and then there was nothing. Thank you again for your support.”


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