Whoever Inherits Fashion Icon’s $200M Fortune Will Have To Split It With His Cat


Women across North America are alarmed after the findings of a recent study reveal a link between a common yeast infection medication and pregnancy complications. The study, which was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), found that pregnant women who take fluconazole, an oral antifungal treatment for yeast infections, are more likely to suffer miscarriages or give birth to a baby with heart and skeletal defects. These results are especially concerning because approximately

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I guess knowing how to break into a car can come in handy.On Thursday, authorities in Florida responded to a call about a child locked in a car. The parents couldn’t afford a locksmith and the father was about to resort to smashing through the window to save his child.Lucky for the family a group of convicts was nearby. (Bet you haven’t heard that before.)YouTubeAn inmate officer and five low-risk offenders were

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Geoffrey Turner knows that his addiction to cigarettes killed him, but sadly the lesson came too late.Turner, who claimed he began smoking at age four, wrote a moving open letter to other smokers urging them to drop the habit. And his message is especially meaningful – because it came from beyond the grave. Turner urged his fellow smokers to give up the deadly habit.Sarah HuiestThe 66-year-old New Yorker wrote his own eulogy before

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As we’ve shared with you before, sports have a way of making people get unnecessarily heated, and little league games can sometimes be the most intense.But normally, parents are the ones to get upset about a bad call or a disappointing loss, not coaches.When a softball game in Cypress, Texas turned nasty last week, coach James Schmidt was the one blamed for a bold attack on 60-year-old grandmother Donna Edwards. Luckily –

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Power couple and hip-hop royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the talk of the town after their unexpected acceptance speech aired during the 2019 Brit Awards. The husband and wife pair were not able to attend the ceremony at the O2 in London, but when honored with the trophy for Best International Group, they made sure to send in an unforgettable video message. Beyoncé and Jay-Z recreated a scene from their “APES**T” music video in

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With one look at Noah Wall, you would never guess that there’s anything wrong with the boy’s health.But the six-year-old from Cumbria, England is actually a living medical miracle, who has outlasted all of his doctors’ expectations. Doctors once thought Noah wouldn’t be able to breathe because of his damaged brain.Noah Wall – FacebookWorrying scans of Noah when he was still in his mother Shelley’s womb revealed that

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