Why is Sally Metcalfe on trial in Coronation Street and did she have an affair with Duncan Radfield?

Sally Metcalfe’s trial for fraud began on November 21, 2018, as conman Duncan Radfield took the stand and revealed details of their ‘affair’ to the judge and jury.

But why is former major of Weatherfield Sally on trial anyway and did she really have an affair with fraudster Duncan? Let’s have a quick reminder…

Sally Metcalfe
Sally Metcalfe is facing fraud and money laundering charges

Why is Sally Metcalfe on trial in Coronation Street?

Sally Metcalfe is standing trial for fraud and money laundering after she was accused by Duncan Radfield of being a co-conspirator in his crimes.

Duncan, who is the dad of Rosie Webster’s model friend Olivia, tugged at Sally’s heartstrings when he told her a story about how he’d lost his wife, May, to a stroke.

He wanted to apply for a council charity grant and approached Sally directly as she was Mayor of Weatherfield at the time.

He met Sally in June 2018 when he thanked her for Olivia getting off from a drugs charge after Rosie Webster told Olivia that she’d had drugs planted on her by her agent who was Rosie’s ex-boyfriend.

Duncan next saw Sally at Weatherfield General when Jack Webster had been admitted with sepsis.

He mentioned the charity grant but said he’d missed the deadline as he had been preoccupied sorting May’s things out.

Sally felt sorry for him and agreed to support his application.
Sally later told Duncan that she’d decided to award the money to his charity.

When Duncan told her that he needed the money straight away to get some equipment, Sally was unsure but arranged for the money to be put straight into his personal bank account.

Later a suspicious Tim and Steve McDonald visited Duncan’s offices and found it empty.

It was then revealed that Duncan had cleared his account and
disappeared. He’d conned Sally.

When he was eventually apprehended by the police, Duncan told them that Sally had been the mastermind and they’d been having an affair.

He’d gone to extreme efforts to implicate her including purchasing and planting a burner phone and opening joint bank accounts making her look guilty.

So did Sally have an affair with Duncan?

Despite Sally’s husband Tim believing Duncan’s claims, Sally didn’t have an affair with him.

But Duncan is determined to make the jury believe that they were lovers and made up stuff Sally apparently said about her relationship with Tim.

He told the jury that she said their marriage was on the rocks and that Tim had little concern about his personal hygiene.

He also claimed that he’d been in a hotel with Sally on her birthday, leading Tim to question her about Duncan’s claims, leaving Sally heartbroken.


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