Wild vid of Seattle beach party riot where attendees trample on cop cars after TikTok invite goes viral

THIS is the moment a Seattle beach party descended in chaos after a TikTok invite went viral.

Wild footage shows party-goers trampling on a police car at Alki Beach as officers desperately tried to shut the chaos down today.

Katie Daviscourt via Storyful

Party-goers trampled on a Seattle Police van[/caption]

Katie Daviscourt via Storyful

One woman twerked as she helped another reveller onto the bonnet[/caption]

Katie Daviscourt via Storyful

They were jeered on by the huge crowd[/caption]

Cops made two arrests after “multiple fights” broke out while roads leading to the park were closed after reports of robberies and fires, the Seattle Police Department said.

And in wild scenes from the chaos, two women can be seen dancing on top of officers’ car.

“We just watched as a woman did a striptease on top of a police cruiser and was forced away,” Kiro 7 reporter Ryan Simms wrote on Twitter.

The video starts with a woman twerking on the bonnet of a Seattle Police van before helping another woman up to join her.

The second woman struts across the roof, showing off her moves as the crowd jeers her on.

Other footage shows officers using loudspeakers to disperse hundreds of youngsters while urging revellers to leave the park.

One cop can be heard saying: “Will everybody please leave the area at this time.”

The force later confirmed it had shut the party down.

A statement from police on Twitter read: “Seattle Parks has closed Alki Beach due to going public safety issues (fights, fires, robberies).

“Officers are now asking the remaining people to please leave.

“Please do not attempt to enter Alki Beach at this time. Roads are closed approaching the beach.”

The event appears to have been organized by teens on TikTok.

User @kidsteez_ started advertising a “Washington Kickback” on Tuesday, with videos collectively receiving over 400,000 views, Insider reports.


Cops desperately tried to calm the revellers[/caption]


Huge crowds gathered on the sand for the party which went on into the night[/caption]


Cops said multiple fights broke out with one TikToker filming a boxing match[/caption]

Katie Daviscourt via Storyful

Women twerked on a police van while being jeered on by onlookers[/caption]


Hundreds turned up to the event[/caption]


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