Wild vid shows ‘gang’ of NY cyclists attacking BMW with bikes and fists in terrifying ambush as boy, 15, is arrested

SHOCKING footage shows a gang of New York cyclists attacking a BMW with their bikes and fists.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested after the terrifying ambush in Manhattan, The New York Post reports.


A group of teenage bikers surrounded a car in New York City before smashing it up[/caption]


At least 25 bikers were involved in the incident[/caption]

At least 25 bikers were involved in the attack on Max Torgovnick’s car on Fifth Avenue, which he said was “like a warzone”.

Some yelled “Get out! Get out!” as Mr Torgovnick, 36, and his terrified elderly mother cowered inside the car.

Six of the group damaged his car in the broad daylight ambush.

A large groups of youths was caught on film surrounding the car after it stopped at a junction.


One yob was seen jumping on the car and kicking the windscreen before smashing it to pieces.

Another hurls his bike on the bonnet with one caught bodyslamming and punching the side of the car.

Other vandals are seen kicking the BMW as Mr Torgovnick and his mother are trapped inside.

He had been with his mum, who is in her 70s, when the teen bikers pounced on Tuesday afternoon.

That’s something like you would see on the streets of a war zone. I never thought New York would get this bad.

Max Torgovnick

Mr Torgovnick said: “At that point, I was afraid that they were going to break the window, get in the car, reach in, and pull us out.”

His mum was dialling 911 to call police as she screamed, “‘We’re going to die, they’re going to kill us,’” Mr Torgovnick said.

Speaking after the incident on Tuesday, he added: “It’s something that I never expected to happen in New York City.

“That’s something like you would see on the streets of a war zone. I never thought New York would get this bad.”

He finally managed to drive away to safety after the terrifying raid.

The cyclists had fled by the time cops arrived.

The teenager who was arrested is being charged as a juvenile after allegedly attacking the car.

Police have reportedly identified another teen they suspect of being involved in the incident.


The broad daylight ambush was launched on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan[/caption]


The driver and his mum cowered inside the BMW as the terrifying raid unfolded[/caption]



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