Will Maya Stepney be arrested for child abuse in Emmerdale and when will David Metcalfe find out?

PERVERTED teacher Maya Stepney’s abuse of teenage Jacob Gallagher has stepped up a gear in Emmerdale. The pair had sex after spending the night together in a hotel.

But will the peadophile be arrested for child abuse? And when will her boyfriend David Metcalfe find out about her grooming?

Here’s the lowdown…

It’s only a matter of time before David Metcalfe finds out about Maya and Jacob

Will Maya Stepney be arrested for child abuse in Emmerdale?

There’s not been any official comment from the people over at Emmerdale about what will happen to Maya – who has been subtly grooming her boyfriend’s teenage son for months – when she gets found out.

But we do know that in Soap Land villains don’t get away with their crimes for too long.

Nathan Curtis – who groomed and sexually abused schoolgirl Bethany Platt in Coronation Street – ended up having the book thrown at him when he ended up in court. Let’s hope a similar fate awaits twisted Maya.

Fans were outraged during scenes where Maya tried to seduce Jacob on his 16th birthday. She told him that her present for him was something that needed to be unwrapped rather than wrapped, leaving viewers cringing.

She then arranged to meet the schoolboy in the summerhouse to give him his gift but was stunned when she saw him there with his cover-girlfriend Liv Flaherty.

Days later the pair spent the night together in a hotel and finally had sex, leaving viewers horrified.

When will David Metcalfe find out about Maya and Jacob?

There have already been a couple of close calls for Maya and Jacob – including over Christmas when David almost walked in on them kissing. Jacob was forced to hide in a cupboard while David and Maya got amorous right in front of him.

There was also the time that Jacob sent Maya some explicit pictures, but the twisted teacher had left her phone at David’s shop.

His daughter Amba had managed to get hold of the phone but luckily for Maya she managed to snatch it back before anything was revealed. But her behaviour made David suspicious that she was cheating on him. How dangerously close to the truth he was.

Jacob almost gave Maya a heart attack when he decided to make a speech at his 16th birthday party after he and Maya failed to consummate their relationship.

He drunkenly slurred about people getting in his head before throwing up all over the floor.

After their night of passion in the hotel, Jacob was almost seen getting out of Maya’s car by his mum Leyla Harding. It’s only a matter of time before they’re caught out.


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