Woman, 21, mauled to death by sharks in Bahamas desperately tried to swim to safety with one arm after the other was ripped off

THE grieving family of a woman mauled to death by sharks have told how she tried to swim away with one arm after her other was ripped off.

Jordan Lindsey, 21, was snorkelling in the Bahamas when she was attacked by tiger sharks in front of her horrified mum Kami in June.

Jordan Lindsey was on holiday with her parents and snorkelling off Rose Island when she was attacked by tiger sharks
Terrified holidaymakers later spotted the sharks from the boat
Jordan’s distraught dad Michael with her girlfriend Gianna Gabrielle-Kasparek on Good Morning America yesterday

Distraught dad Michael said his daughter desperately tried to escape after most of her right arm was bitten off by the vicious predators.

Michael had been the rest of the family petting pigs nearby when he heard news that a teenager had been involved in a shark attack.

He raced to the pier for the snorkelling area from where his wife and daughter had set off just minutes earlier.

Describing the horror attack, he told Good Morning America yesterday: “Kami said she heard Jordan yell, “mom”.

“And then Kami looked back and her first thing was she thought dolphins were around Jordan.”

But Jordan began screaming in terror as one of the sharks ripped into her arm – leading Kami to risk her life to swim towards her.

Fighting back tears, Michael added: “She’s yelling, “Jordan, come swim to me,” and then Jordan is not swimming so good and then Kami realised the first shark took most of her right arm off.”

Jordan made it to her mum, but at that moment a second shark struck – ripping off her leg.

Michael recalled: “They’re swimming slowly and Jordan said, ‘Mom, there’s another shark coming,’ and then it just hit the second shark hit again like on her lower leg.

“[The shark] just took a giant chunk out of her – and then that’s the last thing Jordan said.”


Brave mum Kami fought off the sharks by punching them in the nose and hauled her daughter onto rocks.

There they waited for a boat from the Sandy Toes snorkelling tour to rush to their aid.

They were picked up and raced raced back to the shore on Rose Island – where a waiting ambulance rushed her to hospital in Nassau.

But tragically, Jordan was pronounced dead upon arrival.


The family, from Los Angeles, had been on the third day of their much-anticipated luxury holiday when the horror attack took place.

Michael added: “[Kami] seen her poor daughter die in her arms and it’s just – it’s crazy.

“Kami doesn’t like the nights because once she closes her eyes she’s back in that water again.”

Remembering his final moments with Jordan, Michael – who has cried “every night” since the June 26 tragedy – said: “I just kissed her on the forehead and said, see you later, Jordan”.

Jordan’s girlfriend, Gianna Gabrielle-Kasparek, told GMA that Jordan was “really smart” and had “the biggest heart”.

She added: “[Jordan] cared a lot about me and her family.”

The family are calling for greater safety for snorkelers on the island – including having medical supplies on boats and training staff in first aid.

The attack is thought to be the first shark-related fatality in the Bahamas for over 10 years.

Tiger sharks: Fierce predators designed to kill

TIGER sharks are considered one of the world's most dangerous sharks.

They rank number two after the Great White in recorded fatal attacks on humans.

Their name derives from the dark stripes down their bodies – mimicking a tiger’s pattern.

They can grow to be more than 16ft in length – but typically reach around 13ft.

Their teeth are unique with very sharp, pronounced serrations and an unmistakable sideways-pointing tip.

Tiger sharks are usually solitary, nocturnal hunters.

The breen typically eats crustaceans, fish, seals, birds, squid, turtles, sea snakes, dolphins and even smaller sharks.

They live in tropical and temperate waters.

The predator is considered a near-threatened species.

Jordan had been on holiday with her family in the Bahamas when she was attacked by sharks
Enterprise News and Pictures
The sharks tore off her right arm in the attack
Jordan was declared dead at Nassau’s Doctor’s Hospital
Her grieving dad Michael told how she loved animals

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