Woman ‘bites off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue and spits it on the floor when he asked for a final kiss moments after dumping her’

A WOMAN will go on trial accused of biting off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue during a breakup after asking him for “one last kiss”.

Adaia López Esteve, from Barcelona, allegedly tore off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue in June 2017 and spat it out onto the floor before fleeing the scene.

Adaia Lopez Esteve is accused of biting off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue
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She is now set to appear in court with the victim’s lawyer asking for her to be jailed for eight years.

According to local media reports, the couple met online in December 2016 and dated for two months before splitting in February 2017.

The victim, who has not been named, was reportedly “fed up of Esteve’s mood swings”.

Shortly after the first breakup they rekindled their relationship but he then decided to break up with her again just four months later.

Esteve is said to have reacted furiously to his decision, storming out the flat before returning to apologise for her behaviour.

She allegedly then hugged her boyfriend and asked him for one “last kiss”.

Esteve is then accused of biting off his tongue, ripping it out of his mouth and spitting it onto the floor, El Taquigrafo reports.

A neighbour heard his screams and ran to help.

He was then rushed to hospital where doctors managed to stop the bleeding.

Esteve was arrested by police but refused to give a statement. She was initially released but later charged and will now appear before Barcelona Provincial Court.

Esteve denied biting off her ex-boyfriend’s tongue and claimed he had been abusive towards her.

Esteve is said to have reacted furiously to her boyfriend breaking up with her
Central European News
Esteve claimed her ex-boyfriend had been abusive towards her
Central European News


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