Woman goes viral after showing off HUGE five-inch middle finger on TikTok & people say it’s ideal for flipping the bird

THERE’S no denying that the human body is a weird and wonderful thing – and thanks to TikTok, we’re learning more about it everyday.

Just when we’d wrapped our heads around the woman who has PUBES growing out her hand, this teen has blown our minds with her giant middle finger.


Olivia showed off her giant five inch middle finger in a viral TikTok video[/caption]

Earlier this week, aspiring model Olivia Mercea, 16, from Arizona, showed off her lengthy fingers in a viral TikTok video which has been viewed by over four MILLION people.

To prove her middle finger is in fact five inches long, Olivia held it up next to her face – and the size comparison left viewers stunned.

Speaking to LadBible, Olivia revealed that she first noticed her fingers were exceptionally long a couple years ago – and it was something she used to feel insecure about.

She said: “Then I realised it was actually pretty funny and something that would always bring out laughs.


The clip has been viewed by over four MILLION people[/caption]


Her giant finger is almost half the length of her remote[/caption]

“The reaction to my TikTok has been insane. I never thought that it would reach the level that it has.”

According to Medical News Today, the average length of a female hand is 6.8 inches – meaning Olivia’s giant finger is basically the length of a hand alone.

What’s more, Olivia says her videos have even reached people in the modelling industry – and she hopes her internet famous finger could help kickstart her career.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok fans said Olivia’s middle finger is perfect for flipping the bird.


Olivia’s videos have been noticed by people in the modelling industry[/caption]

One replied: “So you flip people off in all caps??”

Another joked: “It’s taller than me.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “It’s the Eiffel Tower of fingers…”

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