Woman relives horror of being drugged and raped by her evil step-dad when she was just 13

A WOMAN has relived the horror of being drugged and raped by her evil step-dad when she was just 13.

Terrified Natasha Bradley was forced to take amphetamines by David McLeary – the man she called dad – before he sexually abused her while her mum was asleep.

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Natasha Bradley, 30, suffered years of abuse by her step-dad David McLeary[/caption]

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David McLeary was sentenced to 16 years behind bars in April this year[/caption]

If she refused the Class B drugs he would beat her up and then force the white powder down her throat.

And after molesting her would call her a “dirty sl*g” and tell her to go and wash.

He once told her, “you’re nothing but a dirty whore but you’re my dirty whore,” as she was getting ready for school.

The abuse lasted for four years but Natasha was so terrified of McLeary she never told anyone.

She left home as soon as she could, moving out aged 17.

Natasha spiralled into depression as she kept up the pretence of being a doting daughter in front of her mum.

She even had to invite McLeary to her wedding, but was relieved when he failed to show up to walk her down the aisle.

When her marriage failed and she kept getting flashbacks to the abuse she suffered, Natasha started drinking.

The abuse became so regular that it all became a blur. I didn’t want to remember.

Natasha Bradley

Natasha, now 30, said: “My life was in pieces because of what that monster had done to me.

“I used to be bubbly and outgoing and he stole my happiness as well as my innocence.

“I’d never met my real dad and I wanted to know what it was like being a happy family. But I never got to find out.

“He was a nightmare that took my virginity and kept me silent with the threat of violence.

“I was terrified of what he would do if I told the truth and that shame and that secret ate away at me.

“It consumed me until there was nothing left. He destroyed my life.”

Natasha was abused by her evil step-dad for four years from the age of 13

Natasha’s nightmare began when her mum fell pregnant at 14.

Natasha said: “She was just a child herself so she didn’t know how to look after one.”

Her mum brought McLeary, a mechanic who was 19 at the time, home when Natasha was four.

She said: “I tried to keep out of his way as he had a bad temper. Our home life was chaotic and if I ever said anything he would lash out.

“He split my lip once because I didn’t behave the way he wanted in front of some of his friends.

“I was six and someone at school must have noticed as a social worker came round.

“He glared at me and told me not to open my mouth. I lied and said I’d walked into a door, and they believed me, so he got away with it.”

My life was in pieces because of what that monster had done to me.

Natasha Bradley

McLeary’s abuse was always violent until Natasha turned 13 and he began to sexually assault her.

She said: “Mum was out one morning and I was getting ready for school.

“He called me upstairs and when I got there he was in bed. He pulled back the covers, and grabbed my head and forced me to perform oral sex on him.

“Afterwards he called me a ‘dirty sl*g.’ I’d never even kissed a boy and was in total shock.”

She added: “Another time Mum was out he got me into his bedroom, pulled my pants down, ripped open my school shirt and forced himself on top of me.

“He was 16st and was laying with his full weight on top of me so I couldn’t move.

“I was pinned there while he took my virginity. I was 13 and inconsolable.

“I didn’t tell anyone. I was too scared. I didn’t know what he might do.

“The abuse became so regular that it all became a blur. I didn’t want to remember.”

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Natasha spiralled into depression and suffered flashbacks for years[/caption]

Where can you get help?

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Natasha said the abuse wrecked her love life because she struggled to trust men and disliked being intimate.

It was only when Natasha decided to get sober that she found the confidence to report McLeary for what he had done 16 years earlier.

And in April this year at Liverpool Crown Court McLeary, 47, was convicted of 10 offences including rape, indecent assault and causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

He was sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Following the trial McLeary was also found guilty of administering a substance with intent of stupefying or overpowering a child, so as to enable him to engage in sexual activity.

Natasha said: “It’s taken 16 years but I’ve finally got what I wanted – justice for that little girl that was full of hope and had everything yanked away from her.

“I’d hidden from it all for so long and would drink wine non-stop – bottles and bottles every day to make me forget.

“Then I realised none of it was my fault. I hadn’t destroyed my life. That monster had.

“Now he’s behind bars I can begin to rebuild it.

“For the first time ever, I have a future. I want to use it to help other women like me – women who’ve been hurt and betrayed in the most vile and evil way.”

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Natasha said she can start to rebuild her life now her step-dad is behind bars[/caption]



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