Woman reveals FREE tips to save money on heating including putting your plants in one room & laying clothes on the floor

A WOMAN has shared some free tips to save on your heating this winter – including laying your dirty clothes on the floor. 

A woman called Cherry, from the US, shared her hacks to keep as toasty as possible over winter – or if the power goes out. 


Cherry shared some free tips to warm up your house in the depths of winter[/caption]

To start with, she advises staying in one room if possible, and focusing all your energy on heating that one space. 

She shared a series of posts on Twitter, which have gone viral, racking up nearly 100,000 likes. 

Cherry said: “I know it’s cold, I have some tips for you, thanks to having been through this before, many times.”

She then lists her numerous free hacks, starting off by saying: “Choose 1 room to inhabit. 


She advised people to stay in one room and spread their dirty clothes all over the floor for insulation[/caption]

“Your body heat will warm that room if you remain in ONLY that room. 

“Move all furniture to external walls. Move your mattress to the center of the 1 room.

“If you have plants, move them in the room with you. Hang thick blankets or large towels in all the windows. If a sunny day arrives before power, open curtains when sun hits directly, then put back up.

“Wear multiple layers of clothing. Roll clothing or towels and block all door and window gaps. Throw all your dirty clothes on the floor, covering every space you can.

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Cherry advised getting all your houseplants – and pets – into one room[/caption]

Now isn’t the time to have a clean house, it’s the time to survive


“You want to use anything you can to add insulation between you, and the outside. Hence covering and blocking all floors, windows, and walls. 

“Now isn’t the time to have a clean house, it’s the time to survive. If you have, or can get, bubble wrap, tape that to all windows, as it creates a kind of double insulation!” 

If you have pets they’re great for doubling up as extra body heat, as she added: “Block pets from leaving that room, put all needs in it.  

“If your pets are too cold, put socks on their feet and/or other clothing you have that fits them.”

She later shared snaps of her own home, revealing she was using free cardboard boxes to insulate her windows. 

Explaining her set-up, she continued: “Behind the boxes, we have covered the entire window with fleece and wool.

Her thread has racked up nearly 100,000 likes as people praised her tips

“This is how I have insulated the window behind me. Reflective bubble wrap with insulation tape, and a crocheted shawl hanging over.”

People have praised Cherry for her smart thinking, with one person saying: “Great thread. Also, let two taps dribble water so your pipes don’t freeze or burst.”

Another wrote: “Thank you so much for this! Going on 14 hours without power and Texans haven’t experienced this before.”

While a third commented: “This is really well done. Not in the affected area, but thank you for the future.”

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