Woman reveals problems of buying online – after Ariana Grande-style sweater dress she ordered off the internet looks ‘more like a potato sack’

WE’VE all seen a bargain online and snapped it up.

But one savvy shopper released the perils of shopping on the internet when a sweater dress she ordered online turned out to be a bit bigger then she anticipated.


cakesy_x posted the hilarious picture of herself next to Ariana Grande in a sweater dress with the caption: “Expectations vs reality.”

She then added: “This is why I can’t online shop #ArianaWAYTOOGrande.

“#expectationvsreality #fashionfail#potatosack #sweaterdress #helpme.”

Her friends were equally tickled by how daft she looked in the dress with brontspieper saying: “Omg I love this hahaha.”

This woman’s swimming costume raised eyebrows
Angelee Choa

Sadly she isn’t the only person who has experienced a fashion fail lately.

This woman took a snap in some changing rooms of her outfit, probably to share with friends for a second opinion.

We can only hope they pointed out the very awkward placing of the palm trees.

And this mum was mortified after she spotted something very rude on her dress.

Meanwhile, disgruntled shoppers share epic fashion fails that happened after buying clothes online.

And, a comical gallery of fails proves why it’s essential to always read the small print when buying anything off the internet.



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