Woman shares clever trick for removing wax melts from a burner without any mess – and all you need is a piece of ribbon

WAX melts are a lovely idea, but they can become a bit messy once you’re done with them.

However, a woman has revealed a clever trick for cleaning them up – and all you’ll need is a piece of ribbon.


A woman has shared a clever way to clear up wax melts[/caption]

In a post on Facebook group ‘Hinch Army Cleaning Tips’, the social media user – called Maggie – flagged the genius solution, which she had come across online, describing it as an “ace idea”.

The advice read: “Simple way to remove wax from a warmer: put a ribbon partially in it while it is still melted.

“When it cools and hardens, pops right out.”

This was accompanied by pictures which showed the hack being executed.


All you’ll need is a piece of ribbon[/caption]

One picture depicted a ribbon being dipped partially into melted wax with the rest hanging over the side.

A second showed how the wax had then hardened and become attached to the ribbon – meaning it could now be pulled out the burner and re-used or binned without any mess.

The woman’s post was popular with fellow members who left more than 400 ‘likes’.

One person wrote: “Good idea.”

Brilliant idea.

Facebook user

Another commented: “Lifesaver.”

A third shared: “That’s genius.”

And a fourth added: “Brilliant idea.”

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