Woman shares hack to get Mr Clean magic eraser sponges for a fraction of the cost

A WOMAN shared a hack to get Mr Clean magic eraser sponges for a fraction of the cost.

The shopping trick can save you more than 80percent on the cost of the cleaners.





TikToker @gaming_foodie – whose name is Alissa Nguyen, according to her profile, shared the tip with her followers.

“So these are melamine sponges,” she showed her followers.

“They’re the exact same thing as the Mr. Clean magic eraser,” she added.

She said the only difference is the name – and the price.

While a 10-pack of Mr. Clean erasers costs $14 – around $1.40 each sponge – she revealed you can buy a 50-pack of the melamine sponges on Amazon for $12.


Mr. Clean erasers cost around $1.40 each[/caption]


The melamine sponges, however, cost $0.24 each[/caption]

This knocks the cost down to just $0.24 a sponge.

One listing from Amazon shows a 48-pack for just $11.99.

She then showed how to use the sponges.

After wetting the sponge, she says to squeeze out excess water.

They can then be used on surfaces to wipe away scuffs marks on walls, or dirt and other grime.

“With a melamine sponge, anything comes right off. And then I like to use a microfiber towel to dry off the cabinet,” she added.

People were blown away by the cleaning tip.

“hell yeah thanks so much,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Thank you for this.”

One person simply commented: “Yes!!!”


She said the sponges can be used on a range of surfaces to clean[/caption]

Some advised caution, as they noted the sponges can be abrasive.

One user wrote: “just remember that they’re super abrasive so be careful of what surfaces you use them on!”

Another person advised wearing gloves when cleaning with the sponges.

Some said the quality was slightly different than a magic eraser – but others had no problem with it.

“Name brand don’t fall apart as easy, but I’d still rather save money,” one person commented.

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