Woman STABS pal after Haunted House ‘worker’ gave her REAL knife and urged her to launch attack

A NIGHT out for a group of friends at the Nashville Nightmare Halloween attraction turned in to a living nightmare after one of them accidentally stabbed the other with a real knife.

The gruesome episode unfolded as the group were waiting to head into the venue at around 9pm local time on Friday for a themed horror night.

The friends were handed what they thought was a knife prop – but it was a real blade

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, an unknown person, mistakenly thought by the group to be a worker or “character actor” at the attraction, approached the group of four friends.

The stranger then asked one friend if another was “f***king around with her.

Speaking to police, she claims she thought the person was “playing around” and said yes.
Then, the person handed her a knife which the group believed to be a prop from the attraction. At the person’s instruction, the friend “stabbed at the victim.”

The incident took place as the group waited to go into the Nashville Nightmare Halloween attraction

According to the incident reports, as she pulled back, she realised that there was blood on the knife, a hole in the victims’ shirt and blood squirting from the victim’s left arm.

Police were informed that the unknown person then calmly took the knife back.

The other two friends and the injured man all told police they did not believe their friend had any intention to harm them.

They said they all believed the stranger to be part of the attraction and thought the knife was fake.

Speaking to Fox News, police confirmed the distraught female has not been charged with a crime.

The victim was transported to a hospital and treated for a “severe laceration” on his arm.

The unknown suspect has been described as a skinny male who wore skull face makeup and a straw hat with a striped band.

The incident took place at the Nashville Nightmare event called “Slasher Fest.”

Neither Nashville Nightmare nor Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group responded to a request for comment by Tuesday afternoon.

A version of this story first appeared on FoxNews.com

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