Woman’s fury as BBC shares WRONG photo of her for ‘Persona Challenge’ article with the caption ‘so proud of the woman I’ve become’

BBC bosses have apologised after a cock-up during a social media story in which they shared a photo of the wrong person with the caption ‘so proud of the woman I’ve become’.

The shocking mistake happened during the #PersonaChallenge which was started by fans of K-pop giants BTS  and is based on their song ‘Intro: Persona.’


This was the original Twitter post uploaded by Ikran Dahir[/caption]


And this was the post uploaded by BBC Minute[/caption]

As part of the social media “experiment”, people were asked to share throwback photos of themselves from 2013 and now.

It’s similar to the ’10 year challenge’, which trended earlier this year and is aimed at showing the influence BTS had had on their loyal fans.

However, things went wrong when BBC Minute shared a number of the twinned-up pics including one of Buzzfeed journalist Ikran Dahir –  that contained a very embarrassing error.

Dahir posted a photo of herself as a young child alongside one of her as she appears today, reports Indy100.com.

But when the BBC shared it on Instagram, the child snap was still there but was now twinned next to  a very different woman.

It also added the caption: ‘I’m so proud of the woman I am today.’

Not surprisingly, Ikran was quick to point out the bizarre error, and tweeted, wow my face changed dramatically, what is this BBC?”

She then added: “All black people must look alike huh.”

After deleting the post, the BBC apologised to Dahir, saying, “We made a mistake for which we apologise.

“We are working on a corrected version which will be posted today.”

It isn’t clear how the mistake happened but those that spotted the post weren’t impressed.

Marriam tweeted: “Can this be fixed please. Not all black faces are the same FYI.”

While Lu added: “Wow, they really can’t tell those facial features are completely different?”

BBC Minute is a dynamic 60-second “news burst” service aimed at younger audiences around the world.

Not surprisingly, Ikran was quick to point out the bizarre error


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