World of Dance fans slam JLo, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo for ‘lack of diversity’ after eliminating Indigenous group

FANS slammed Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo for World of Dance’s “lack of diversity” after the judges eliminated group Indigenous Enterprise.

The contestants, from “Navajo Nation” in Phoenix, Arizona, described their dance style as “Native American with a little bit of hip-hop.”

The judges were slammed after they eliminated the group
Indigenous Enterprise said their dance style was “Native American with a little bit of hip-hop”
Viewers were outraged by the group’s elimination

Dressed in ensembles from their tribe, the four men wowed the judges the moment they walked into the room.

“This is more than just dancing, this is a way of life,” the group’s leader proudly stated.

Indigenous Enterprise gave a quick-footed performance to a mash up of The Ripper and Indian City by Northern Cree and A Tribe Called Red.

The WoD contestants gave an energetic routine which included hopping through small hoops.

Despite appearing impressed, the judges had some harsh feedback for the Arizona dancers.

The group performed a fast-footed routine to a medley of songs
They combined quick-flipping hoops into their performance
<span class="s1">Indigenous Enterprise</span> said dancing was a “way of life”

Derek, 35, told them: “I have to think of this as a competition. Is this going to be as competitive as other acts I’ve seen?

“And as much as I loved it, for me, it’s going to be a no,” the DWTS alum said to the disappointed performers.

His co-star, Ne-Yo, 40, agreed: “I don’t know if it’s ready for World of Dance.

“From a standpoint of competition, I’m not sure if it’s stands up. So it’s going to be a no from me too.”

Due to the show’s format of needing two yeses to advance to the next round, the group was eliminated after their second no.

The judges admitted they “loved” what they did but still gave a “no”
Ne-Yo said the show “never had anything” like the performers

Jennifer, 50, did not give her vote but said they had “so much energy” and their skill level “truly took hold” of her.

As they walked out, Ne-Yo added they have “never had anything like this on the show before.”

Despite not advancing in the competition, a member of the foursome said: “For us to be out there showcasing our dance style and culture is a win for us.”

Fans were furious with the panel of superstar’s for not advancing Indigenous Enterprise and slammed the show’s “diversity” problem.

Fans were furious the group was eliminated
World of Dance was criticized for needing “more diversity”
The judges were accused of being biased of the dance style

One viewer questioned: “I don’t like that the only representation of Native Americans on this show EVER was given an immediate no.

“I almost feel like the show only included them for “diversity points.” Anyone else feel a little uncomfortable by this?”

“@worldofdance that’s crazy y’all didn’t put the indigenous group through, I guess were not “modern” enough for you,” another person fired off.

One outraged fan tweeted: “That was kind of f**ked up to eliminate the Native American dancers right away…

“They should’ve been given another chance just because it was finally something different!! Everything doesn’t have to be hip hop!!”

A fourth added: “Everything not based on hip hop but this show needs more diversity… wrong for saying no to native American dance.”

World of Dance airs Tuesday’s at 10pm EST on NBC.


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