World’s sexiest weathergirl Yanet Garcia hits back after being dumped for a video game by Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin

YANET GARCIA has hit back on social media after her ex-boyfriend and pro gamer Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin revealed on YouTube he had dumped her to spend more time with Call of Duty.

After initially just posting that she was “heartbroken” as the news broke, Yanet, 26, has posted a number of subtle digs on social media – and shown Censor what he’s missing.

Yanet posted the video to her social media account showing herself enjoying the sun by the pool

The video shows Yanet in the pool, as well as changing outside of it

She retweeted a message saying “respect yourself enough to say, ‘I deserve better’” before saying “never listen to the advice of anyone who’s not done anything good with his life.”

She also tweeted thanks at author Lewis Howes, best known for a book called “The Mask of Masculinity”.

Then to really rub it in, she posted a video of herself from Maxim Mexico with the message ‘believe in yourself’.

The video shows her around a pool, stripping, laughing and blowing a kiss at the camera as she plays both by and in a swimming pool.

Yanet is happy and laughing throughout the video, in contrast to her heartbroken messages
The slow-mo video from Maxim Mexico is sure to please Yanet’s legions of worried fans


Yanet posted the video to her Instagram page along with a sassy comment

Announcing the decision in a video he posted over the weekend, the 23-year-old YouTuber revealed he and Garcia, 26, had split up, saying “I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

He went on to say that he needed to focus on playing Call of Duty, and would be playing the next iteration in the franchise, Black Ops IV, full-time while she was “doing that job over there”.

Garcia grew her global legion of fans during the World Cup as she supported her native Mexico.


The pair have featured heavily in each other’s social media feeds for much of the past year or more[/caption]


The couple would frequently post about their love for each other when they managed to meet up[/caption]

This included allowing two presenters to kick her famous bum “for good luck” before celebrating Mexico’s win over Germany in her trademark style.

Censor has struggled this year, missing out on the first stage of the Call of Duty World league, before signing up with a different team that had secured a place in Stage 2 to ensure he got there.

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