WWE ‘considering axing brand split and merging Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live rosters’ ahead of $1bn Fox deal

THE WWE are considering merging Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live ahead of their mega-$1bn TV deal, it has been reported.

The wrestling promotion split into two brands back in 2002, with Vince McMahon’s roster too big to house in just one three-hour show.

Vince McMahon has held talks over ending the brand split and putting both shows back together

In October next year, SmackDown will be moving from Tuesday to Friday nights on the highly-popular Fox network.

Monday Night RAW will remain on the USA Network, but the ‘blue brand’ will now become the more watched programme.

And according to RingsideNews.com, there are now plans being put in place to scrap the split and have superstars cross over into both shows.

At present RAW is seen as the main show, but that is expected to change when the TV contracts change over in October.

WWE Champion Roman Reigns is set to play a big part in the show

This means stars such as AJ Styles – currently on SmackDown – could be seen on the ‘red brand’ along with his WWE Championship title.

And Roman Reigns could then head over to SmackDown with his Universal Championship, opening up a number of possibilities.

Meanwhile, Evolution reformed at the SmackDown 1000 show last night, and hinted at a possible Batista match against Triple H at WrestleMania 35.


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