WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals he ‘crapped his trunks’ during a match with Yokozuna

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has made an embarrassing admission – he once physically “crapped in his trunks” while wrestling.

The Texas Rattlesnake is one of the biggest names to ever set foot inside the squared-circle after shooting to worldwide fame in the late 90s.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has revealed he once ‘crapped’ himself while wrestling
The embarrassing moment came when the Texas Rattlesnake took on the legendary Yokozuna
Austin and Yokozuna were performing on a tour of South Africa when the former world champ lost control of his bodily functions

He recently returned to WWE last month for a special Raw Reunion show, guzzling down beer with fellow icons from yesteryear on a memorable night in Tampa, Florida.

Austin was THE star of the famous Attitude Era, but the 54-year-old has revealed that even in his heyday he still suffered s****y nights.

The Hall of Famer recently appeared as a guest on First We Feast for an episode of Hot Ones.

And when quizzed on whether the urban myth that he pooped himself during a match against former WWE champ Yokozuna in South Africa was true, Austin revealed all.

He said: “(I) had to. A lot of times when you are doing international travel and there is a dietary change, things happen. And man, Yok, he was six hundred pounds at the time.

“When he picked me up and slammed me, things happened. Something went south. And luckily I was wearing black trunks.

“And Yoko was so cool. He’s no longer with us. God rest his soul.

“I was laying there on the mat and I just crapped my trunks. I looked at him and said, ‘Yok, let’s go home’. Go home is wrestle-speak for let’s do the finish and get out of here.

“And he’s so cool, he goes, ‘Okay, brah’. And we did the finish. I got beat and walked to the back and took a hell of a shower.”

Hilariously the poop talk continued as Austin undertook a hot wing challenge.

And as he tried the third one, he said: “I don’t want level three to be the one that makes me have a Yokozuna moment here on your show.

“This is the season finale, but what a finish it would be!

“We got Stone Cold out here and he s*** himself.”

Austin impressed in the challenge, not struggling at all until it came to tasting the final one which had a rating of over 2,000,000 on the Scoville heat scale.


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