WWE superstar Tye Dillinger loses title shot to have surgery on injured hand

WWE star Tye Dillinger lost his United States title shot against Shinsuke Nakamura after suffering a hand injury.

The Perfect 10 was slated to face the Japanese star for his coveted belt on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night.

Randy Orton left viewers feeling sick again after he tried to break Tye Dillinger's finger
Tye Dillinger recently took a beating from Randy Orton

But the 37-year-old – real name Ronald William Arneill – suffered a left-hand injury on a Monday night show and was pulled.

The Canadian now needs surgery and is set to go under the knife in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dillinger managed to type on Twitter: “Hey guys, I appreciate the kind words as well as the entertaining skeptics 🙂

“Accidents happen and I was hoping it wasn’t serious, but that was wishful thinking.

Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger was caught upside down by Baron Corbin

“I really wanted tonight’s opportunity for the #USTitle

“I require surgery and the timetable is…. 2/2….currently unknown.

“Thank you to the @wwe medical staff for taking quick action.

“Thank you for the support and I’ll be back soon.

WWE ace Tye Dillinger needs time out for a hand operation

“P.S. 1- Learning to be Right handed sucks.

“2. You REALLY DO need your thumbs. And…

“3. It took 7 mins to tweet these messages 😝


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