X Factor’s Martin Bashir reveals dead brother ‘whispered to him’ to sign up to the show

X FACTOR’s Martin Bashir has revealed his dead brother ‘whispered to him’ to sign up to the show.

The award winning broadcaster, 56, lost his young sibling Tommy at 29 after a lifelong struggle against muscle disease.

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X Factor’s Martin Bashir revealed his dead brother ‘whispered to him’ to do show[/caption]

Speaking on Simon Cowell’s talent show, he revealed that Tommy’s voice comes to him when he is faced with obstacles and daunting opportunities in life.

Speaking about his reasons for taking part, he told the music boss: “Every time I have faced a challenge I have heard him whispering saying, ‘What excuse do you have? You have no excuse.

“‘You have never sung but someone has come to you and said, ‘Give it a shot’. And that is my motivation’.”

Martin told Simon and judges Nicole Sherzinger and Louis Walsh that Tommy was born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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The 56-year-old shared his story and revealed he cared for his sick brother growing up[/caption]

The condition causes the body to deteriorate over time and eventually leads to death.

Martin revealed he cared for his sick brother with his mum and dad and Tommy passed away in 1991.

The interviewer became emotional on stage as he recalled: “When you grow up with a child and you fight over toys at four and he never fights back and then, by the time he is 13 he can’t feed himself, you feel that you have no excuse for turning down opportunities.”

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Martin got everyone up on their feet with an incredible performance and moving story about why he joined the show[/caption]

The X Factor: Celebrity hopefuls auditioned at Simon’s house in his back garden in front of industry big-wigs.

He had everyone up on their feet as he sang a jazz number and moved the with his story.

Head honcho Simon tells him in the first episode of the series: “It is always about the person and the story and we related to your story.”


Four Love Island stars, Hayley Hasselhoff and Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan from quiz show The Chase are set to perform on Saturday night.

The X Factor: Celebrity begins on Saturday, October 12th at 8.35pm on ITV.

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