Xbox One keyboard review – Razer Turret is the advantage you’ve been looking for

CONSOLES are great for gaming, but sometimes a regular controller just won’t cut it.

For fighting games you want a fight stick, racing games want wheels and for shooters you really want the precision of being able to aim with a mouse and have easy access to all your skills via a keyboard.

Razer’s fancy trademark lighting is controllable through a new Xbox app

Ever since Razer and Microsoft announced they were teaming up to release and Xbox One keyboard and mouse last year we’ve been looking forward to seeing the result.

It was revealed at CES earlier this year and is finally available to buy.

The good news is that it’s a great piece of hardware — and it works on PC too.

It sits across your lap perfectly when you’re sat on the sofa, with a built-in wrist rest making it comfy to use.

A mouse map pops out of the right-hand side — sorry, southpaws — and the included mouse  is held on magnetically.

The magnetic attachment is pretty weak so it doesn’t affect you mousing around, but comes into play to make it a little harder to lift off and help when things are on a little bit of a slant.

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They keys all stand proud of the surface, making the whole thing much easier to keep clean[/caption]

The keyboard is very similar to Razer’s BlackWidow Tournament Edition, complete with Razer’s pleasingly tactile and clicky switches.

Unlike the BlackWidow the keys are all lifted clear of the base, though, making it easy to keep clean — likely to be a godsend in the living room.

The mouse, meanwhile is a lightly modified version of the wireless Razer Mamba.

As with the PC version this one has a top-of-the-line sensor, and feels great to use.

  • Razer Turret for Xbox One, £249.99 – buy it now

The grippy side panels under the thumb buttons seem to fit better in the living room than on a desk too, combining with that magnetic grip to give you an extra feeling of security.

Both keyboard and mouse are exactly as responsive as you’d hope — inputs with both translate perfectly to your TV and feel silky smooth.

That pop-out mousepad is the perfect size too, giving you plenty of space to move around and giving the Turret plenty of width across your lap so it feels stable.

It’s also pretty heavy, but once it’s down on your lap that’s not the problem you think it might be.

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The whole unit is comfortable to use, and with Chroma effects turned off the matt black looks pretty understated[/caption]

The Turret feels really sturdy and secure, and the width of it means that weight is spread out to the point you don’t really notice it.

It’s not without downsides, though.

The biggest is the price — it costs a whopping £249.99.

That is roughly what it would cost you to get a wireless Mamba mouse and BlackWidow Tournament Edition with fancy lighting, it’s a little hard to justify unless you know you’re going to be using it a lot.

It does also works with Windows PCs so is definitely a viable option if you’ve got a laptop you want to plug into your telly or a dedicated living-room PC as well as an Xbox One.

However, it doesn’t work with Android set-top boxes such as the Nvidia Shield or Apple TV, unlike the previous iteration of the Turret that came out in 2016.

This really does feel like a shame and limits the appeal of the whole package.

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The tactile matt black surface makes for a sophisticated look[/caption]

There are also only 18 Xbox One games that currently offer official keyboard-and-mouse support — and some of them aren’t even out yet, like Gears 5.

The list does include big hitters such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Warframe and Day Z.

New and more existing games will be getting support in future too, with PUBG, Sea of Thieves and The Sims 4 all reported to have it in the works.

Downsides aside the Turret does what it sets out to do pretty much perfectly, and if you want a living room keyboard for your Xbox One or PC you won’t find a better option.

  • Razer Turret for Xbox One, £249.99 – buy it now

★★★★☆ – Out now


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