Young drivers risking thousands in fines and repair costs for failing to understand basic car maintenance

YOUNG motorists could end up forking out for hefty fines and repair bills for failing to keep up with basic car maintenance.

Drivers aged 18-24 are among the worst in Britain when it comes to knowledge of how to look after their own vehicles.

Young drivers need to brush up on their car maintenance skills
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A recent study by Select Car Leasing found an alarming number of the nation’s newest drivers could be slapped with bills worth thousands of pounds simply because they don’t have basic vehicle maintenance skills.

Just one in ten young drivers carry out regular maintenance by checking tyre pressure and depth, oil and coolant levels, and changing windscreen wiper blades.

And for the majority, it’s simply because they don’t know how.

More than a quarter had know idea how to check their tyre pressure, while close to half weren’t sure how to measure tread depth.

Not maintaining windscreen wiper blades can leave your car in a dangerous condition

Failing to keep tyres in good condition could be the most costly mistake for youngsters, with fines of up to £2,500 per tyre if they don’t meet legal requirements.

Around 27 per cent of drivers in this age group also don’t know how to check their engine oil levels, while 44 per cent weren’t sure what to do to monitor engine coolant.

Engines that run out of oil or overheat can suffer extensive damage, leaving you hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Young motorists even struggle with the most basic fixes.

Just under half didn’t know how to change their windscreen wipers, risking potential damage to their car’s glass.

But drivers could also be slapped with fines if their windscreen wipers don’t clear their view of the road properly – and even invalidate their insurance.

Earlier this year, we explained the quick and easy steps to replace windscreen wipers. 

We also explained everything you need to know about changing your car’s engine oil.

And drivers can benefit next time they take their car in for MOT by monitoring these warning signs. 


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