Your weekly food bill could rise after plans to hike taxes on pizza, chocolate and crisps

NANNY state plans to hike taxes on the nation’s favourite treats could increase the cost of the weekly food shop.

The country’s top doctor hopes to slash obesity rates by making the likes of pizza, crisps and chocolate more expensive.


The UK’s top doctor wishes to incentivise parents to buy healthier food by hiking taxes on high-calorie food such as crisps and pizza[/caption]

Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, said the money could be used to subsidise fruit and vegetables.

Other ideas include a levy on added sugar in baby food and on high-calorie grub like cakes.

It comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock asked Dame Sally to review what could be done to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

Experts on nutrition, science, and public health will contribute ideas. The review is set to report back by September.

Dame Sally said: “I’m going to be as bold as I can be. I want parents to be incentivised to buy healthy food.

“We need to make sure that fresh fruit and vegetables are cheap.

“Maybe we have to subsidise them by charging more, by taxing unhealthy food. Parents are then nudged to buy the healthy version because it’s cheaper.

“I want the basket of food parents buy not to cost any more.”


Her comments come after a study linked highly-processed foods to poor health and early death. A tax on sugary drinks was introduced in April last year. Critics warned it would probably spread to other products.

Ministers are already considering restricting BOGOF deals and TV ads promoting junk food.

When asked why another strategy on cutting childhood obesity was required, Dame Sally said she regretted the process “taking so long”.

She added: “I should have chivvied harder to get us there faster.

“I, as an independent adviser, do wish we could do things faster.”

Francesco Guidicini – The Sunday Times

Professor Dame Sally Davies has been looking at what can be done to halve childhood obesity by 2030[/caption]


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