YouTube star MrBeast accused of bullying and ‘toxic’ working conditions by former staff

YOUTUBE millionaire MrBeast has been accused of bullying and fostering a “hostile” work environment by former staff members.

Speaking to the New York Times, 11 ex-employees described the philanthropic web star, real name Jimmy Donaldson, as a “perfectionist” who made “unreasonable demands.”

MrBeast is one of YouTuber’s most popular and highest-paid creators

MrBeast, who is one of YouTube’s most viewed and highest paid creators, was also accused of berating and belittling staff.

They said his “demeanour changed when the cameras weren’t around” and described a “difficult work environment.”

The allegations are at odds with the 22-year-old American’s upbeat, altruistic online persona.

He amassed his 61million YouTube subscribers by performing increasingly outlandish acts of charity, giving away millions of dollars to strangers.

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The YouTuber has been accused of bullying by former staff members[/caption]

In a recent video, MrBeast handed someone $100,000 to quit their job, and offered someone else $20,000 to throw a paper plane roughly 30 feet.

According to the Times, former employees who helped to film and edit his videos paint a dark picture of the working conditions he fosters.

Nate Anderson, 22, who worked as an editor for MrBeast in March 2018, quit after just a week of work.

He claimed that the internet star was a “perfectionist” who made “unreasonable demands.”


The allegations are at odds with the 22-year-old American’s upbeat, altruistic online persona[/caption]

“Nothing ever worked for him,” Anderson said. “He always wanted it a certain way.”

After he released a now-deleted video about his time working for MrBeast, Anderson said he received “death threats and hateful comments” from the YouTuber’s “dedicated fans.”

MrBeast is said to use a mixture of hometown friends, fans and influencers to help create his content.

Working out of Greenville, North Carolina, he currently employs about 50 people, according to his representative.

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Speaking to the Times, another former staff member accused MrBeast of scolding and belittling staff on a near-daily basis.

Matt Turner, who edited videos for MrBeast from 2018 to 2019, accused the star of calling him a “r***rd”. He said the incident brought him to tears.

He wrote in a since deleted Tweet that he was “yelled at, bullied, called mentally r— and replaceable by MrBeast every single day.”

A representative for MrBeast declined The Times’ request for comment on the allegations.

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