Yuri Cortez, the photographer overwhelmed by the players of croatia, visit Croatia

The photographer of the AFP Yuri Cortez, who had been caught in a scrum of players croats celebrating the winning goal against England in the semi-final of the World-2018, arrived Friday in Zagreb for a week of vacation, invited by the tourist office of the country.

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“I would love to discover stories on Croatia, can be compared to football. I don’t know exactly, may be related to the family of a player, or tell the story of a player himself,” he told reporters after arriving in Zagreb in the company of his wife and their two daughters. “We look forward to the arrival of Yuri and his family to show them the beauties of Croatia and the kindness of its inhabitants”, explained the director of the Office of tourism, Kristijan Stanicic, prior to their arrival.

Dubrovnik and Split in the program

Taken under the mass of the croation players coming in to score the goal synonym-finals of the world Cup, the 11 of July (2-1, a. p.), the best result ever achieved by Croatia, and the photographer continued to fire, striking the flight faces ecstatic footballers. To take advantage of the notoriety gained during the World, the tourism office had invited Cortez for a week of vacation “as long as he brings his good humor and his camera”.

Yuri Cortez, the photographer of the AFP during the match between Croatia and England. © Mladen ANTONOV / AFP

After a tour of the Croatian capital, the Salvadoran 53-year-old, based in Mexico city, will visit some of the most famous places, such as Dubrovnik, the medieval town encircled by ramparts and Split a seaside town.

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