[Area 42] The first teaser of season 3 of Stranger Things immerses you in a pub vintage of the 80’s !

Attention, it alerts you immediately, in this teaser of the season 3 of Stranger Things, we have no indication about the plot of the next season of the series from Netflix. In contrast, the u.s. platform wished to raise the sauce by offering a video that is in the form of a advertising vintage coming straight from the 80’s…

Starcourt, one of the most beautiful malls of America… and beyond

Advertising is the promotion of a certain shopping mall christened Starcourt. At the very end of the teaser you can discover Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) accompanied the new character Robin (Maya Hawke) by vendors of ice-cream. It should be noted that Harrington should have a more important role in this next season of the series of the brothers Duffer.

You can also try to find some clues about the new season of Stranger Things. Like for example the pub who says that the shopping centre Starcourt is “one of the most beautiful malls of the Americas… and beyond” what might be a nod to the Upside Down.

And then in the description of the video on YouTube, we can read that the Starcourt Mall will open its doors in the summer of 1985, the year in which that season 3 will unfold. In addition, at the end of the teaser, we learn that the shopping mall arrives next summerWould this be an indication on the release date of the new season ? This would mean that we will have to wait another year to discover the next adventures of the kids of Hawkins.

Waiting to have more info on the topic, we offer you to discover this excellent teaser that will immerse you directly in the 80’s !

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