[Area 42] Disney : 150 sand sculptures are waiting for you on the beach of Ostend

If you ever make a tower on the side of Belgium during your summer holidays, we advise you to stop on the great beach of Ostend, where Disney Sand will welcome you in a scenery of sand fairy. Of lady and The Tramp to The Snow Queen, passing by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Iron Man, the most famous characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars have been staged on the sand by forty artists from 12 different nationalities. They took nearly a month to build 150 sculptures from 2 to 12 meters high on a stretch of sand of 10 000 m2. If you’re not convinced, here are several shots of this exhibition, which is open every day until September 30, 2018. Here is the official site of Disney Sand Magic for more information.

#1 – Iron Man

iron man

#2 – Mulan

#3 – The Snow Queen

#4 – Toy Story

#5 – Star Wars

#6 – Alice in Wonderland

#7 – The little Mermaid

#8 – Cars

#9 – finding Nemo

#10 – Ratatouille

#11 – The Hunchback of notre dame

#12 – The lady and the tramp

#13 – The Castle Disney

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