[Area 42] WTF : his iPhone falls out of 137 meters high, but it has nothing ! (video)

Breaking the screen of smartphone is a classic since the arrival of these little toys on the market. You may be happened to make it fall several times and find it scratch free, but it only takes one time to break it. A small drop of 50 cm on a micro pebble and bam you just won a stay at the repairer. If I tell you that last weekend a woman drops her iPhone of 137 meters high, and that it has nothing, you would believe me ever. And yet it is the truth.

Cansel Yildirim was aboard the ride StarFlyer in Orlando (flying chairs) when she had the very bad idea to shoot in the company of his friend. It is, however, asked the passengers not to leave their objects that could fly away, but the young woman went against the recommendations of the managers of the machine. What was supposed to happen came to pass, Cansel has dropped her phone by mistake. The smartphone will then make a fall of 137 meters without getting the slightest scratch. The young woman explained that she found his phone with the function “find My iPhone”. She was very surprised to find her phone the whole while he had no special protection. The next time she will pay better attention. We’ll let you discover this video impressive, especially the speed that the phone takes. Luckily no one was below to take it on the head !

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